Aside from pizza, I can't think of a more beloved meal than chicken tenders! Have a kid who's a picky eater? Throw some chicken tenders their way and they will be as happy as a clam!

Did you know that chicken tenders were invented in Manchester, NH, at the Puritan Backroom restaurant?

According to family legend, the chicken tender didn't come about until 1974. The restaurant found themselves with strips of chicken leftover from chicken breasts. So they marinated them, fried them up, and the rest (as they say) is delicious history.

The Queen City has a ton of pride (rightfully so) for being the first place to introduce chicken tenders to society.

In the 2022 season, for one game only, the NH Fishercats are going to rebrand themselves as the Manchester Chicken Tenders

According to the NH Fishercats Facebook page, three hats are available for pre sale right now; Classic, Buffalo, and Coconut Chicken Tender hats! I am a Buffalo girl, myself!

Which hat will the players be rocking at this season's Chicken Tender Game? Well, that's up to you! The most popular cap will be worn by the team! Order the hat of your choice on the Fishercats' website today!

The NH Fishercats turned to a Manchester native we all know and love, Adam Sandler, to see which hat he likes best.

They said:

That is a personal invitation if I've ever seen one! Can you imagine if Adam Sandler came back to Manchester to root on the Chicken Tenders? I bet they would let him throw out the first pitch, too!


The date of the Manchester Chicken Tenders game has yet to be decided.

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