Back in 2022, Belfast Police Chief Bob Cormier stood next to a young girl in a tiny old-fashioned car, giving her a speeding ticket. It was the most adorable ticket ever given, and it happened right here in Maine.

You don't expect to look out your window while driving and see a traffic stop as cute as this!

The Police Chief is a hit in the community, and it seems as though he is just getting started! Belfast Police Department posted this photo on their Facebook page, and the comments came rolling in by adoring citizens and neighbors.

Belfast Police Department via Facebook
Belfast Police Department via Facebook

The Belfast Police Department is supported, and it's a beautiful sight to see. Police officers out having fun, interacting within the community, and connecting with our youth is admirable.

Being a police officer is not all about crime; it's mostly about people and connecting with your community.

Community outreach is vital, and this police department has got it down! This little girl pictured with her puppy in this old-fashioned looking model T is the cutest.

It's always so nice highlighting moments like these. Thank you to Belfast Police Department for bringing a ray of sunshine into all of our days!

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