The Boston Red Sox won the World Series last year. The New England Patriots won the Super Bowl. Now it's up to the Boston Celtics and the Bruins to do their part.

No U.S. city (or Canadian city) has ever won all four major championships (MLB, NFL, NHL, NBA) in the same year.

However, before the NBA was formed in 1946, one city DID win all 3 major sports (MLB, NFL, NHL). That city was Detroit, and the year was 1935.

How crazy would it be if this year we did it? I wouldn't bet the farm on it, but it would really be cool.

One of the reasons why I love sports is that anything can happen. Before this season started, the Celtics were predicted to win the Eastern Conference. Boston went pretty far last year without two of the biggest stars in Kyrie Irving and Gordon Hayward, and it looks like they will play the Milwaukee Bucks in the next round.

The Bucks are up 3-0 against Detroit. I know Milwaukee won 60 games this year, but I'm not sold on them, and last year, the Celtics beat Milwaukee in a seven-game series. And that was once again without two of their biggest stars.

If I'm a betting man I have the Celtics going to the finals.

As far as the Boston Bruins, they play game 7 Tuesday night at The TD Center. I'm not going to pretend I know a lot about hockey because I don't, but I do know the Bruins have just as good a record as anyone else in the playoffs.

Well, keep your fingers crossed and maybe just maybe Boston will have all 4 major teams in the championship round.

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