Suddenly have the urge for a weekend getaway in the ATL?

After last night's thrilling 37-31 heart stopper against the Kansas City Chiefs, you may be a little wired today. If you're frantically looking for a way to watch the Patriots re-match with the Rams in two weeks, but flights were already sold-out, JetBlue to the rescue.

According to WMUR News 9, the airline said it was adding additional flights between Boston and Atlanta over game day weekend. Also, larger planes will be needed, especially if you're adding 2,000 seats between the two cities. In the minutes following the OT victory, JetBlue  Tweeted out "Hey New England – we just added a few more flights to Atlanta for the big game. More than 3. Fewer than 28." aaaahhhhahahahaha, see what they did there? Poor Atlanta.

There's getting there, but seeing the Big Game is a much different story. As of Sunday night, the cheapest tickets available on Ticketmaster started at nearly $3,900 before taxes and fees, according to WMUR News 9.



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