Along with T-bone steak and wasabi seaweed flavors, Pringles has come out with what I believe to be their most exciting flavor yet, "Top Ramen Chicken".

After making this discovery I announced it out loud to no one in particular in our office and got a resounding "EWWW!!" and a confession from Bill that he has never once tried Top Ramen. In his life. Ever. I, however, lived on the stuff for four years as a poor college kid who couldn't cook.

So it's settled. We are going to do a taste test Friday featuring none other than "Top Ramen Chicken Flavored Pringles" According to WMUR, they are available exclusively at Dollar General so that is where I am headed!

Stay tuned for our taste test! Something in my heart tells me you are not going to want to miss Bills reaction of this. Just sayin'.

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