Let me paint the picture.

It was Sunday. I wanted to treat my wife to a date day, so I asked what she wanted to do...her choice.

What a guy I am, I know.

Her choice? Shopping, of course.

We hit the trifecta: HomeGoods, HomeSense, and T.J.Maxx. They're her favorites, and my least favorites. But that's okay, as it was her day.

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We immediately separated as we got into T.J.Maxx, because I did not want to rush her, ask her if the shirt was worth the money, and so on. So I poked around for myself, mostly just killing time.

As I found myself actually shopping, I could not help but be distracted by a woman around me talking aloud. I figured she was talking to her child.

Then I realized the conversation was NOT for a child. Just based on the way she was speaking, her tone, and the conversation itself.

I turned around to see a woman, probably mid-20s, talking to no one. She was on the phone...well...she was talking into her AirPods.

If you don't know what AirPods are, they're just headphones without a chord. So you can, in theory, do activities, walk around, and still effectively have a phone conversation.

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But NOT in public. It's rude.

Since the loud phone talker was near me, I walked away and linked back up with my wife. We were back to spending quality time together on our date day.

BOOM. There she is again, loud, on her headphones, talking like she is at home without a care about who is around her.

I was getting extremely aggravated. I found myself not paying attention to my wife, listening in on her phone conversation, and having to ask my wife to speak up or repeat herself.

Many others in the store were turning heads to get a look at the phone talker.

So, what the heck are we doing here?! Can we ban talking through Airpods...at least in public settings like stores, restaurants, and other populated areas?

I understand how easy it is, and it is better than talking on speaker, but this is almost worse. When you have headphones in, you have no clue just how loud you are.

She asks a question out loud, I turn to answer it. Nope, that was not for me. She says something obscene and obnoxious. Nope, just to her friend over the phone.

What are your thoughts? Do places need to start banning phone calls through Airpods in public?

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