Incredible, Secret Artwork

74-year-old Tina Pesce had a secret.  One that she hid from everyone, including her son.  Tina Pesce moved to Stockton Springs because she wanted to be by the water.  The lovely yellow cottage has some spectacular views. Tina was a private woman who had moved to the area from Woburn, Massachusetts where she had a ceramics studio according to the  She didn’t just sit on her porch and enjoy the view, she painted it.  Everywhere in her home.


Surprise Find


According to It wasn’t until after Tina Pesce had passed away that the murals were discovered.  They are floor to ceiling though out the home and they are amazing.  I can’t imagine the time it took to do all those paintings but the view inside the home is fantastic.  Imagine sitting in your living room surrounded by fall foliage.  An artist who lives in the area told “Being a muralist myself, it’s always fun to see other people’s work.  It’s always amazing when an artist is doing things themselves and not worrying about them being seen.  To have someone in your small town doing something no one knew about, like this…I think everyone was blown away.  She was very talented.


Could there be a better retirement?


Imagine you are an artist, and you have a cottage by the water, and you spend all your days painting beautiful scenery on all the walls of your home.  Not for anyone else, just for your own pleasure.  The next time my grandson picks up a crayon, I not going to stop him from coloring on the walls.  The art that Tina Pesce created is wonderful.  I wish she could have known how impressed everyone is with her talent.  But what a beautiful thing that she painted just for the pure joy of it.

From the views of this woman's home that looks like a great place to retire too...

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