It was a real life Shark Week adventure for a family from Cumberland, Rhode Island, and a group of farmers from Pennsylvania earlier this week.

The group of anglers were about a quarter mile off the coast of Monomoy, Cape Cod, fishing for striper, when one of the guys snagged one. Little did he know he was going to have to fight more than just the fish to get it on the boat.

As he was reeling it in, according to WMTW-TV, a ten foot Great White shark decided he needed a snack. And suddenly a game of tug-of-war broke out! The Great White bit off the tail, and then came back for more. Unbelievably, the fisherman was able to pull the remainder of his catch into the boat. It was a little mangled, but a prize catch none the less.

The skipper of the Magellan said in thirty years of fishing he's never seen anything like that before.


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