You can see a lot of really cool things in New Hampshire, like gorgeous blue lakes, white-capped mountains, and red maple trees in the fall.

Yes, red, white, and blue are often expressed in this "Live Free or Die" state, especially in an election year and around the patriotic holidays.

If you drive up Route 125 in Rochester, New Hampshire, there's an auto and truck recycle center that takes its red, white, and blue to a new level of creativity.

Lambert's Auto & Truck Recycle Center has an awesome crew that wanted to do something patriotic that could be seen from the road, just in time for July 4.

So the team planned and designed an American Flag made out of crushed cars. The blue star field on the flag is represented by crushed cars painted a dark blue.  All the tires are off, so it's just a mass of metal.

Then they had to create rows of red and white stripes, again planning out the paint jobs for the crushed vehicles.  All in all, it's a one-of-a-kind masterpiece.

Facebook users mostly commented "cool" and "great job", so people are impressed and doing a double take as the pass the sculpture.

The recycler could have simply stacked crushed cars and draped a big American flag over them, but they didn't.  Lambert's went one step further by actually painting the cars like the flag.

That's the American way.

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