Have you ever seen someone you know on TV? It is absolutely exhilarating! You can't help but pause the tv and stare at their face on the screen and scream about it! I don't personally know Renee Terry of Sweet Cheeks by Renee but after learning about her journey, I feel like I do. And I also feel like if we met we would instantly become friends and that is not just because her cookies look so delicious. That part doesn't hurt though.

According to newburyportnews.com, Renee started Sweet Cheeks by Renee out of her parents basement in Haverhill, Massachusetts. The year was 2015 and her first child was just born! The article explains that Renee bakes but in her heart she is a cookie, cake, and confection artist. The art is really what she is known for.

For the past few years Renee has auditioned to be a contestant on Food Network’s “Christmas Cookie Challenge" and this year she made the cut!

The premise of the show is that the hosts, Eddie Jackson and Ree Drummond, pit five cookie artists from across the country in a contest to create the best holiday-themed cookies with the shot to win $10,000.

The paper states that Renee couldn't go into too much detail about her TV debut but she did say it was a very positive experience. There was a contestant from California and another from New Jersey and although it was a competition, the vibes were not cut throat. All of the artists were very supportive of one another.

You can watch Renee on the Food Network’s “Christmas Cookie Challenge" this Thursday December 9th at 9 pm on the Food Network (duh!)

OH and you can try the flavor(s) of cookies that she made on the show which are now available for pre order:

Way to go, Renee! Whether you win or not we are so proud of you for taking the opportunity and venturing outside your comfort zone. We will be watching and rooting you on!

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