If you were wondering why 17th Ave in Haverhill was blocked off yesterday it's because someone's pet Emu got out and was waltzing around the neighborhood! I didn't even know you were allowed to have an emu has a pet. Under normal circumstances, I would say this is the craziest thing I've heard in a awhile but for the year 2020 it seems pretty par for the course.

The Haverhill Police Department Facebook page said that Animal Control Officer Cannon has worked for the City of Haverhill for over a decade. During her time she has responded to incidents involving a wide variety of animals including dogs, cats moose, and bear. But yesterday she added an emu to the list. With some help from patrol officers the bird was safely corralled.

This whole thing made me smile. It was a lovely distraction from all of the negative stuff we've seen on the news lately. People on Facebook felt the same way and had some hilarious commentary. Here are some of my favorites:

Jennifer Withers Hoey: It ok, he's with Liberty Bibbity.

Jeannie Albers: Thank you for making me laugh! With all the craziness in this country, I was scrolling and saw this and laughed so hard. I guess the bird is strolling the Avenues! Best picture of the week

Mike Turner: Someone's Thanksgiving dinner is on the run

Um..Mike...I don't know what kind of operation you are running but in my house we eat turkey on Thanksgiving.

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