You hear it all the time, and there's no doubt in my mind that it's true (no offense to humans) -- dogs are better than humans.

Think about it. All a dog want is love. Love a dog? Happy as can be. Sure, maybe they can be a little disobedient sometimes -- it's not like humans aren't. But usually they curb the habit after getting out of the puppy stage. Can we say that about humans? Well, not mostly.

Sure, sometimes the go to the bathroom inside the house on the carpet. Or maybe drop a dookie on your Mom's bed within the first hour you've been home after driving halfway across the country from living for 19 months in Tulsa, Oklahoma (no, seriously, Remy did that and it was hilarious.) But they learn quickly where they can and can't do that.

And, in the case of an 84-year-old blind man in Limington, Maine, a dog -- YOUR dog -- can save your life.

According to, the man was trying to put his yellow Lab, Samantha, into a dog run, when he slipped and fell into an ice cold brook. Now thankfully, a woman was able to hear the man yelling for help through the woods, and called up the York County Sheriff's Office.

But it was Samantha, that flippin amazing pooch, who was going wild barking getting the officers' attention, and she would NOT stop until they followed her back to the brook to where the man, now super hypothermic, had fell in. When officers got to him, his body temperature had dropped to 84 degrees (for reference, the normal human body temperature ranges from 97-99 degrees F, according to WebMD.)

The bond between a dog (or any pet, ideally) and owner is just fascinating. Like, when you really break it down, Samantha is a DOG. A canine. An animal. It's not easy communication like talking to your co-worker or neighbor, but it's something so much cooler and deeper than that. She's a DOG, and knew that her owner -- her Dad -- needed life-saving help.

And she didn't stop until she got it. Someone pin a hero medal on a good girl's collar! She deserves it!

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