It was a day filled with anxiety for both Brandy and her Mama. Mostly, her Mama. 

Recently, Brandy had to spend the day at her vet's office for some dental work. Brandy has been a patient at North Hampton Animal Hospital for a few years now and the entire staff has always been wonderful.

This latest visit was no exception. Brandy had to be dropped off first thing in the morning and even though I couldn't feed her or give her water, I think the experience was harder on me than it was on her.

Dr. Kelleher and the entire North Hampton Animal Hospital team was so wonderful from drop-off to pick up later that same day.

So, thank you to everyone at North Hampton Animal Hospital. I'm so glad I discovered your office a few years back. And, thank you to all the listeners who ask about Brandy and love her about as much as I do. She's a very lucky lady!

Credit 2k
Credit 2k

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