Are there more sharks or are we just better at spotting them because I am getting super nervous about the beach?

I look forward to finding a quiet spot every weekend which is usually easy because I am used to getting up at 3:00 am for the show so by the time I have coffee and am out the door I can see the sunrise.

I really hoped to do a little swimming this year but, man, it seems worse than last year.

News 7 Boston reported Tuesday that a shark was spotted around Maguire Landing Beach in Wellfleet and the area was closed to swimming until 1:50 pm.

According to WHDH, apparently, the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy’s Sharktivity App let off a ping to let researchers know one of their tagged sharks was in the area.

Well, we can’t tag EVERY shark, so when I hear things like “you can go back in the water at 1:50 pm,” I mean, we know that the tagged shark left the area, but what about the OTHER sharks?

Given the recent shark fatality in Maine, I doubt I will be going swimming anyway, but seriously, are there more sharks?

Maine just saw its first fatality and I keep hearing about sharks being spotted more frequently.  Last year was crazy with all the shark hype.

The heat is hitting me hard, but I guess I will have to stick to swimming holes.  No beach because of sharks and no lakes because of random poopers (see the previous story I did on Lake poopers).

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