There’s gonna be an opening for store space soon at the Mall at Whitney Field in Leominster within the next several months.

WCVB reported that it’s one of 19 locations shutting down.

Not sure how my wife and daughters are gonna take the news on Macy’s closing another store. They love going to the Macy’s at Fox Run and checking out the clearance racks.

There are some great deals at times on those racks… so I’m told.

Not gonna lie, I go with them and it’s kinda fun!

With this Macy’s closing that means there will be a BIG OLE SALE!!!!

It’ll start this month and they say it’ll run about eight to twelve weeks. Just in case Macy’s people are reading this, please keep the one at Fox Run open!

The Macy's website lists that there are currently 17 stores open as of now in Massachusetts. There are only four listed as open in New Hampshire.

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