Outdoor activities may take a back seat on Saturday...again.

Last weekend was set aside for raking. I backed off due to lack of motivation with less than stellar weather conditions. Monday, the yard was still full of wet leaves, and I recommitted for this Saturday. Smooth move, right?

Looks like outdoor enthusiasts will be signing in the rain for the first part of the weekend. According to WMUR ABC 9, Most of the Granite State will see about 1-2 inches of rain after another round of heavy rain moves through Friday evening into Saturday morning. After the major rain washes through, we can expect lingering showers for the balance of the afternoon.

Rain will not be the only story for the next 24 hours. WMUR reports high winds gusting over 35-40 mph are possible as a front comes through the region Saturday afternoon or evening.

You might want to hold off until Sunday, as sunny skies are expected with seasonal temps in the 50's.

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