Chain restaurants are closing up a storm! I feel like every day we hear that another beloved eatery in our community is being forced to close their doors. According to Seacoast online, Applebee's announced earlier this year that they will be closing 20 locations across the country and one of them is the Seabrook, NH, location.

Last Saturday, staff and diners enjoyed their last meal together. It's kind of sad because this location has been a casual dining option in Seabrook for 20 years." Rumors have already started circulating on Facebook that Red's Kitchen and Tavern will be taking over the building. The owner of Red's confirmed that is indeed a rumor. It could certainly be possible but it is not confirmed.

According to a MoneyWise article, Applebee’s isn’t the only chain closing restaurants nationwide. It lists 19 other chains announcing closures with many in the Seacoast, like TGI Friday’s, Taco Bell, Fuddruckers, Ruby Tuesdays, Friendly’s, Boston Market, Burger King, Pizza Hut and Subway.

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