Potholes, frost heaves, and lots of summer construction. New Hampshire has it's share of challenges.

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However, it's not as bad as other states across the country. Despite sever erosion issues which pop up on an annual basis, the Granite State fared better than other areas in New England, according to a new ranking in USA Today. New Hampshire and Maine fell right in the middle of the 50 states. Have you found the roads in Massachusetts to be challenging? According to the study, they came away at #10 on the list. Oh, and Rhode Island? Rhodie is the WORST, coming in at #1. See the entire list here.

According to USA Today, 24/7 Wall Street created the results, using an index "using bridges, roads, and dams that are in a state of disrepair or potentially hazardous, to identify the states with the best and worst infrastructure. States with a higher ranking are the worst on infrastructure."

President Trump proposed a $1 trillion plan to improve aging roads, bridges, and tunnels across the country, as reported by USA Today.



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