Maine DOT Says Unopened Sarah Long Bridge Is Safe
Despite rumors to the contrary, the Maine Department of Transportation say the new Sarah Mildred Long Bridge is "safe and operational."
According to the Union Leader, the often delayed bridge, originally slated to open late summer of last year, was commissioned in January...
Sarah Long Bridge Delayed Again
The new Sarah Long Bridge, scheduled tom open this month, has been moved once again. December 1st is the new target date. Paving and curbing must be completed for the border bridge to open to the public. This is not the first delay. Ori...
Construction On The Spaulding Turnpike Hits Milestone
If you drive the Spaulding Turnpike, you're painfully aware of delays on a daily basis. Years into the major construction project, it looks like there is a small, but exciting light at the end of the tunnel.
A major piece of the project, the Spaulding Turnpike bridge, has been completely re…

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