Is infamous former Patriots receiver Antonio Brown coming back to play for the Patriots? The rumor mill is active, according to

There are a few issues that make Brown’s return unlikely. For starters, his off the field issues including allegations of sexual assault and the NFL’s potential disciplinary action for his conduct have not been determined.

Secondly, the way he left was not on good terms, to say the least with Patriots owner Robert Kraft. He certainly knows how to burn a bridge. Although Brown has since apologized to Robert Kraft the damage may be permanent.

Brown’s social media posts have been all over the map and refers to some of them as “bizarre to downright problematic.” Rumors abound that players and coaches would like him to return.

Brown is a talented football player but his antics off the field may cost him a career. The Patriots sure could use a good receiver but at what cost? In my opinion, they have zero chance of winning another Super Bowl without him.  At the end of the day, it's all about winning championships right?


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