Most of the people on my Facebook page are really my friends. Sure there are a few people I've never actually met face to face. But they're friends with someone who really is my friend.

I kind of look at it like running into someone at the grocery store I met at a buddy's BBQ. I met them, and maybe we talked about the Red Sox or my vacation last year in the Dominican Republic. We're not really friends...but close enough.

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Well according to some judge in Florida, Facebook friends aren't actually your real friends. The judge was presiding over a case about some unpaid legal bills, and one of the attorneys was her Facebook friend. The other attorney said the judge should recuse herself, because it was a conflict of interest for her to make a decision in a case involving a friend. She didn't want to drop it, though, because she said she barely knew the attorney. An appeals court just sided with her last week, and said that Facebook friends aren't your real friends.

According to the Miami Herald, they wrote, "Acceptance as a Facebook 'friend' may well once have given the impression of close friendship and affiliation. Currently, however, the degree of intimacy among Facebook 'friends' varies greatly."

So I guess the next time you need help moving, don't ask those people on Facebook.

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