Growing up, coffee was just something that my mom drank.  She made a fresh pot every day and then would re-heat it in the microwave throughout the day (gross, i know!).

Times have definitely changed, and now I don't know how I'd get through the day without my iced coffee.  Turns out students feel the same way!

According to NCBI, 69% of high school and college students are coffee drinkers.

Aroma Joe's is there for you as you head back to school with a BOGO Back To School offer going on now through September 11th!

If you buy one 24oz drink, you can get one free from 2p-6p on their App!

The Aroma Joe's App is also great for earning rewards and exclusive offers, and you can even use it to pay at any of their locations!  You can also send E-Gifts to your friends and family!

They have a huge selection including espresso drinks, lattes (try the Paris toast, it's delicious!), and Cold Brew.

If coffee isn't your thing, Aroma Joe's has a great selection of other beverages including flavored lemonade and fruit smoothies, Apple Pie Chai,  plus their signature energy drink called AJ's Rush.  Try the Rocket Pop, Beach Bum, or you can create your own!

Aroma Joe's is making going back to school just a little bit easier with their BOGO offer, now through September 11th.  Remember, use your app and you get a free 24 oz. drink with the purchase of one!

And you can use it more than once!  Offer is valid once per day!


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