Whdh.com is reporting that an advisory has been issued for the following freshwater pond/lakes in the Massachusetts area due to a bloom of cyanobacteria. Billington Sea in Plymouth, Crystal Lake in Newton, Davol Pond in Westport, Long Pond Marstons Mills, Barnstable and Shubael Pond in Barnstable.


Cyanobacterial blooms are a naturally occurring event and usually occur in the late summer or early fall.  According whdh.com the Massachusetts Department of Public Health, ingestion of small amounts of the toxins can lead to gastrointestinal distress, dizziness, numb lips and fingers.  Contact with the cyanobacteria can also lead to eye, ear and skin irritations.  Of course, a big concern is our pets.  I know when I walk my dog Apollo near a lake, there is no stopping that 100-pound furball from hopping in the water.

Animals can be affected by cyanobacteria and they are smaller than we humans and can’t always tell us what’s wrong or if they feel bad so keep your small furry pets away from these areas of water till the algae bloom subsides.




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