The North End in Boston, MA, is also known as Little Italy. If you have not been, there is so much to explore, especially for your taste buds. The North End is home to some amazing bakeries, pastry shops, restaurants, and gelato.

Many locals, as well as tourists, visit the North End regularly to feast. We all know about Mike's Pastry, Bova, and Modern Pastry (as they are always talked about, as they should be). There are also some delicious restaurants in the North End as well. If you are like me, then once you find an amazing restaurant there, that is one of the only places that you will choose to eat at. I stumbled upon La Familia, a family-run Italian restaurant, and with their giant food portion sizes and the food just being overall amazing, I refuse to go anywhere else for lunch when visiting the North End.

The North End offers so many events throughout the year as well. The North End holds festivals and feasts. Many feasts that will be occurring in August 2022 were recently announced.

St. Agrippina di Mineo Feast will be happening from August 4th to August 7th.     

Madonna Della Cava Feast will be happening from August 12th to August 14th.

Fisherman's Feast will be happening from August 18th to August 21st.

Feast for Santa Lucia will be happening on August 25th.

St. Lucy's Feast will be happening on August 26th.

Saint Anthony's Feast will be happening from August 26th to August 28th.

Trust me, if you are a foodie, a trip to the North End is a must during their feasts. There is so much food to try as well as things to see.

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