Moms will go above and beyond to ensure that their children are happy and comfortable. According to, Crystal MacDonald from Attleboro is no different. When people started stocking up on canned goods and toilet paper back in March, the mom of five was on a mission to find SpaghettiOs and Meatballs. She was having a hard time locating them and this was a huge issue. Her 11-year-old daughter Ashlyn, who has severe, non-verbal autism, will only eat SpaghettiOs and Meatballs.

Crystal scoured every grocery store in the Attleboro, Massachusetts, area but was not able to locate the exact variation of SpaghettiOs and Meatballs that Ashlyn eats. Crystal tried to switch it up with other Chef Boyardee items like beefaroni or SpaghettiOs with Franks but Ashlyn wasn't having it.

Word eventually got out about the mom's predicament and that's when the community stepped in to help. Some people sent her tips on where to find the cans while others bought and donated them to her. The story eventually got to the eyes or ears of someone who works at Campbell’s Soup Company, the company that owns SpaghettiOs. They were so flattered to hear about Ashlyn’s preference for their product, they decided to donate a year’s supply to her!

Crystal is overwhelmed with gratitude for both the support from her community and the kind gesture from Campbell's. After hearing this story, I have so much respect for the soup company. They are already my tomato soup brand of choice but now I am going to want to support them even more!

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