I am a Swiftie through and through! I have embraced and loved Tay Tay through her many evolutions, from the "Teardrops On My Guitar" Taylor with the long blonde curls to the messy French braid "folklore" and "evermore" Taylor, and every Taylor in between! We are the same age, so I honestly feel like we grew up together. I recently learned that the station I have been hosting mornings on for the past six years, 97.5 WOKQ in Dover, New Hampshire, is very special to Taylor. Obviously, this filled my heart with glee!

This was back in 2005(ish). Taylor had just been signed with Big Machine Label Group, so she was around 15 years old! She was making her rounds to country stations to introduce herself to program directors in hopes of getting her music played on the radio.

According to this poster signed by Taylor herself, WOKQ was the very first station to play her music.

Kira Lew
Kira Lew

Note the Myspace page link on her poster. What a delightful blast from the past. Facebook wasn't even a thing yet!

Taylor's very first single (that WOKQ played FIRST) was "Tim McGraw". According to fandom.com, she wrote that song in math class about her high school boyfriend.

I spoke with my former coworker, Aaron Lapierre (aka A-Train), who was working at the station the day Taylor came by. He shared that she had to tap on the conference room window to get everyone's attention because no one would let her in the front door. Imagine, Taylor Swift in the back of our radio station where we often spot deer! HILARIOUS!

Even though Taylor is now a multi-Grammy Award-winning superstar, I like to think our station holds a special place in her heart. I mean, you never forget the first station that played your music, right!?

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