I grew up in good 'ole Leominster, Massachusetts. There weren't any particularly clever nicknames for my town. The best we could come up with was Lemon-town or L-town for short. The surrounding towns we had a little more fun with:

Fitchburg = Bitchburg

Worcester = The Dirty Woo

Lunenburg= Looney-burg

Winchendon = Winchentucky

You get the idea. Remixing town names to make them more hilarious is a tale as old as time. But why do we do it? I think it's the same mentality as when we were in school and the thing to do was to slightly change someone's last name to make it funny/gross/perverted. I met a kid named Steven Greenberger and I called him "Steven Green booger". I thought it was original content and he'd roll his eyes because I was the 40 thousandth person to make that joke in his lifetime. I ended up marrying him and now I am a Green Booger too. Guess the joke is on me!

Anyway, it got me wondering if there are any hilarious/offensive nicknames for New Hampshire towns. Stupid question, Kira, of course there are! Because the internet provides such a wealth of information I was able to locate an entire list of them.  If some of these offend you, please don't shoot the messenger. Feel free to take your issues up with the people of Reddit. Specifically, the members the of r/NewHampshire community.

Are you ready for this list? Here we go...

Are we forgetting any? Feel free to drop them in the comments!

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