If only there was a button to express dissatisfaction with people who post this scam...

A claim that purportes completing a survey will activate the new Facebook dislike button is making the rounds and is, of course, false. You may have heard the story recently where Mark Zuckerberg hinted that a dislike feature was in the works-- it grabbed headlines everywhere-- but the there is no such thing as yet.

When and if it is introduced, it is safe to say that you will not be asked to complete a survey to unlock it given that Facebook has never done that when rolling out new features. Almost to a fault, they just change your Facebook experience, you complain for a couple of days, get used to the new look and then start the cycle over.


Who might not know all this? Probably that aunt of yours that randomly, and somewhat uncomfortably, likes the embarrassing photos your dumb friend tags with you. Tell her it is a scam, okay? Share with Grandma too but she'd really appreciate if you'd just call and tell her instead.

The ever reliable Snopes.com has the skinny on it.