Is it just me, or does this bobcat look enormous? This awesome photo was taken on England Road near the Gonic/Dover Line.

Facebook - VIA Amy O'Connell
Facebook - VIA Amy O'Connell

Upon first glance, this bobcat looks more like a 200 lb Brazilian Jaguar. But with a little research, I discovered that the average cat weighs no more than 35 pounds.

Back in 2016, NH Fish and Game considered bringing back a bobcat hunting season because the population had seen such a dramatic increase over the past decade. Thankfully, they withdrew the plans to establish a hunt.

I was very much against the hunt at the time, based only on the fact that I'd never seen one. Not even a picture of one! Since the photo of this fine feline was captured right along my commute, chances are I'll get to see one sooner than later!

According to NH Fish and Game, the reason this cat was prowling by the light of day (they're nocturnal) is mostly likely due to mating season.

Thanks to Amy O'Connell for taking such an outstanding photo and for allowing me to share it!

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