I don’t think we have to worry about over packed beaches this Mother’s Day Weekend.  The New England region is getting a blast of cold weather and some of our areas have even seen snow.  Last weekend was just a tease of what summer has in store for us according to foxnews.com.  The White Mountains in New Hampshire were tipped in a beautiful coating of snow. If you took advantage of the warm weather to start your garden, now is the time to get out there and protect your plants from frost.

According to the weather report from Foxnews.com, Frost advisories were posted from Maine to West Virginia.  The Arctic air could bring snow to many areas in New England.  Even Mother Nature is trying to tell us to stay inside.  The snow is beautiful, but I am really ready for summer.  I want to go hiking and hang out at the beach.

The storm system that is currently making rain in Pennsylvania will take a gander off the coast and be followed by much colder Arctic air which should produce some snow for our area.  Mother’s Day weekend is usually the busiest restaurant day of the year, but with area restaurants closed for dine-in eating, it might be a good time to place your takeout order early.  Make your Mom feel special even in this cold weather. Perhaps break out a board game and watch the last of winter out your window. Or maybe take the last winter hike of the season.



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