If this little seal pup looks out of his element, it's because he is.  Somehow he has a good luck streak that hopefully will keep him going until he can find his way home.

This little gray seal was found on the doorstep of a Rockport, Maine, home during the big winter storm this week.  Imagine finding this little pup, and logically trying to figure out how he landed there.

According to Marine Mammals of Maine Facebook page, this pup made his way 50 yards from the shore, crossed a street, and landed at this doorstep to wait out the storm.  I'm still trying to imagine the poor little creature crossing a paved, wet street.

The quick-thinking homeowners called the experts at Allied Whale at the College of the Atlantic, and the team went into motion and assessed the situation.

The pup was in tough condition with all the energy expended traveling from the ocean to the shore, across a busy street, and into a yard, plus he hadn't had anything to eat. So, his nutritional condition was unstable.

He's resting and rehabbing now at Marine Mammals of Maine, as he probably wouldn't have made it had he not been rescued.

He's still trying to figure out his situation, and the team is giving him plenty of space and time to rehabilitate. They'll then try to reacquaint him with his natural habitat.  It's quite a process, but well worth the effort to save this beautiful mammal.

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