Wow wow wow! My heart is super full as I reflect on our Back to Better Birthday Bash at Bernie's Beach Bar! ((we like alliteration around here! Can you tell?!) We decided to kick off Memorial Day Weekend festivities a wee bit early and it just so happened to be my birthday! There was cornhole, music, cake, sunshine, adult beverages and JOY! Thanks to every one who came out and made it such an awesome day.

Chio and I MCed and let everyone know about the big prize we were giving away! (tickets to see Luke Bryan at the Bank of New Hampshire Pavilion) a big congrats going out to Leslie Rowe from Nashua for being the winnah winnah, chicken dinnah!

Jadd did his entire afternoon show live from Bernie's stage. It was so much fun! He had special cameos from me, Chio, and an adorable 7-year-old named Rose.

Some other highlights include my amazing cake that looked like a scene from the Little Mermaid:


Remember the adorable 7-year-old I was telling you about? She made me a THREE PAGE birthday card with poetry and hand drawn art. It was pretty amazing and is now hanging on my fridge; all three pages!


Special shoutout to my cute husband/boyfriend Steven, my college friends, my mom and dad, and the countless listeners who made the trip to Bernie's to celebrate with us.

If this event is indicative to the kind of Summer we are going to have then STRAP IN BOYS AND GIRLS, cuz it's gonna be a fun one!

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