It's back to remote learning for the students at Barrington Elementary school due to, what Superintendent of Schools Daniel Moulis says, “we received notification today of positive cases of COVID-19 at the elementary school,” according to It is unknown how many positive cases there are or if they are among students or staff. Kids were let out early on Monday and the officials requested that parents pick the students up from school.  There will be no buses for elementary transportation according to reporting from

This is probably going to really throw parents for a loop.  Just when we think we have this virus managed; it comes back.  I really feel for the parents and the kids who have been out of school for so long. In an email to parents, Moulis said “This doesn’t impact ECLE (Early Childhood Learning Center) or BMS (Barrington Middle School) … both schools will continue with in-school instruction. Siblings of both BES students that attend ECLC or BMS are allowed to attend school unless they develop COVID-19 symptoms.”


My heart breaks for the elementary school kids.  I remember my daughter with her new pack of crayons and backpack being so excited about school.  These students have started school, only to hit the pause button once again.  Not to mention that it must be disruptive to the parents and their work schedules.  One thing 2020 is teaching us is that nothing is certain.  I will be following this story for updates.  Hopefully, we get back to normal quickly.



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