There's an article that said putting up Christmas decorations early is good for your health. Lots of listeners called in and said they get in the Christmas spirit the day after Halloween. One woman said she does it on October 30th!

I am Jewish so we never put up Christmas decorations growing up. But it seems like decorating for the holidays is hard work! Stringing the lights, finding the tree, hanging the stockings, this all takes time and effort.

If it were me it, I would want to enjoy the festive decor for at least three whole months. Also I am lazy so I would put off taking everything down as long as possible.

Andy Martin from Bedford posted on Tuesday that he was starting to Christmas-fy his home. The Scrooges and Grinches came out of the woodwork with their "too soon" comments. To throw it in their faces he posted the photo below:

There has been an outpouring of likes, comments, and shares on this. The overall consensus is "Rock on with your bad self! Whatever makes you happy!" I happen to agree.

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