The Gyro spot is an amazing Greek Restaurant that I first tried in Manchester. I was overjoyed when I heard they were opening a location in Dover back in 2017 just down the street from the radio station.

Sadly, the Dover location was not able to survive the Covid-19 pandemic.

However, the Manchester location is up and running and is even doing indoor dining now.

Some of their claims to fame are their chicken gyro with fries inside! nom nom nom

Their world famous garlic feta spread!

Homemade Greek gumbo!

And this is the best news I've heard in awhile. The Gyro Spot now has a food truck! Make sure to follow The Gyro Spot food truck on Facebook to see where they will be posting up. They are also available for catering so keep them in mind for your next event :)

The Gyro Spot - Food Truck via Facebook
The Gyro Spot - Food Truck via Facebook

Folks in the comments are REALLY hoping that the Gyro Spot food truck will come rolling through the Seacoast sometime soon. I am one of those people. FINGERS CROSSED!

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