Everyone deserves a relaxing trip to the nail salon. Whether you're getting a mani-pedi, acrylics, or have something else in mind like a spa treatment or waxing, it's always fun to do something special and treat yourself. After all, you deserve it.

Some people like getting their nails done on a regular basis, while others wait for special occasions like weddings, birthdays, or graduations.

Holiday nails are also a fun option, and a unique way to get into the spirit of whatever season you're celebrating. There's nothing more festive than Christmas nails with snowflakes, ribbons, candy cane stripes, and sparkles (which also come in handy for New Year's). Halloween is another fun time to get creative with your nails by rocking spiderwebs, pumpkins, ghosts, or whatever else floats your boat. The possibilities are endless.

Depending on what type(s) of services you're looking for, there's a chance you'll be hanging out in whatever salon you visit for a good while. So it's important that you love your chosen place and feel relaxed, welcomed, and pampered during your appointment.

There are plenty of great salons here in New Hampshire that can give you the nails of your dreams, and we asked you what some of the best ones were. These are some of the places you recommended.

20 Best Places to Get Your Nails Done in New Hampshire

Because you deserve to treat yourself.

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