It's Friday morning at 10:13...and I'm CRAVING pizza. Not just any old pizza either. I want GREAT pizza. Despite having to drive 12 hours to West Virginia for a family emergency earlier this week, there was a silver lining. I got to eat my all-time favorite pizza from the standard bearer of great pizza...Pizza Place.

Around since the late 1970's, Pizza Place was founded by a family of Sicilians that moved to my hometown and opened up a very successful restaurant. They served nothing but pizza. And their singular focus turned into an enormous success. So much that as I was driving back to my hometown I began to obsess over getting there when they opened at lunch.

Situated just across the street from my high school, I used to eat their daily as a teenager. Hence, my pizza face at 17 years old. But still...even at 51...I love that pizza.

Sadly, I haven't found anything to come close. However, I continue to search. So if you have a favorite pizza place, please share it with me. Tell me what makes you crave it. And just so you know...I will not eat at some national chain. So please keep your suggestions local.

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