To those who put on the uniform and protect the town, state, and country we live in, thank you.

Police officers.
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"Backing the blue" is not a new concept, but rather an idea that you, me, we support our law enforcement that protects us daily.

In New England, we have a variety of states with drastically different landscapes, populations, crime rates, and laws.

Curious where the best place to be a police officer was, I took to some data.

In order to find the overall top states to be a police officer in, subcategories needed to be created first.

According to a WalletHub article, some of those subcategories include: most law enforcement officers per capita, highest median income for law enforcement, highest median income growth for law enforcement from 2019-2020, lowest crime rates, highest homicide cases solved, and highest state and local police protection expenses per capita.

The rankings of those categories determined the best place to be an officer.

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Sticking with the New England trend, the categories where New England shined were the lowest crime rates: #1 Maine, #2 New Hampshire, #3 Vermont, #4 Connecticut, #5 New Jersey, according to WalletHub.

New England also showed strong rankings in the highest median income growth from 2019 to 2020: #1 Maine, # 4 Massachusetts, and #5 New Hampshire, according to WalletHub.

So, where is the best overall state to be a police officer?

According to WalletHub report, Connecticut ranks in the number one spot. Massachusetts is in the six spot, and Maine is at #11.

Regardless of where your state lands on this poll, stepping up to be in law enforcement is noble.

Thank you to those in blue.

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