Kenny Rogers sang it best in his hit, The Gambler. You gotta know when to hold 'em, know when to fold 'em, know when to walk away, know when to run. And that's exactly what the luckiest woman alive did last week after a casino in Miami awarded her $100,000...she ran with all the money!

Here's what happened. According to the Miami Herald, she was hanging out at a high-stakes slot machine with a 66-year old man. She's 35...and it's not clear why she was hanging out with a man old enough to be her dad...but she says they were "friends." Yeah...friends! Mmmm hmmm. Anyway, on the winning spin, he asked her to push the button for good luck. But it turned out to be bad luck for him.

Casino rules state that whoever pulls the lever or pushes the button is technically the one gambling. So she ended up with all the money...and he ended up with nothing. Suddenly things weren't so friendly. He flipped out right in the middle of the casino when they told him she got the money. Meanwhile she walked out with a check for fifty large, and another $50,000 in cash.

She swears she offered to cut him in for some of the winnings, but he started sending her angry text messages. So now he gets nothing. And their "friendship" is over too.

Suddenly, it feels like Gold Digger, by Kanye West might be the appropriate song to play.

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