April Cushman is an artist straight out of Swanzey, New Hampshire. She is a farmer, wife, mama, songwriter, and just a hilarious and talented woman. April has been a friend to the station for a long time, and we love giving local artists a platform to strut their stuff.

Last year, April opened up for Kip Moore at our show at 3S Artspace in Portsmouth. This is the first time I heard her song "Borrowed Time". This song was inspired by a conversation she had with a sweet old man at a diner in her hometown of Swanzey, New Hampshire. Don't quote me, but I believe the diner was Jeanne's Family Diner. April told me she goes there sometimes in the mornings to write. Her performance was captivating and powerful. There was not a dry eye in the house!

Matthew Allen Photography
Matthew Allen Photography

Well, a few days ago, April found out that because of her song "Borrowed Time", she has been selected as a Tractor Supply Emerging Artist Finalist. Out of hundreds of submissions, they picked her to be in the top 10! She is the only artist not from the south. Talk about representing New Hampshire in a big way.

This week, we will find out if any of the five mentors (Lainey Wilson, Ashley McBryde, Kat & Alex, Jimmie Allen, or Dustin Lynch) want to work with her. If April is chosen as one of the five winners, not only will she get an opportunity to be mentored by one of them, but she will get to perform at the Opry, as well as a couple of other shows under Lainey / the Emerging Artists program. She will also have the opportunity to connect with so many incredibly important people in this industry. What an honor it is to be in the top 10, but our girl is so dang close, of course we want her to go all the way. Send some good juju in April's direction, and we will keep you posted as soon as we know!

We are so proud of you, April! And as she said in her Facebook announcement:

"It's time we put lil ole Swanzey, New Hampshire, on the map!"

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