Let’s be careful out there!

Reporting from newscentermaine.com says a man in Bath, Maine, was bitten in the face by a rabid fox while trying to ward off an attack with his cane. Unfortunately, the man stumbled and fell without the support of his cane and was bitten in the face.

The same fox had a run-in with two separate dogs that same day, the news station said, the dogs are being treated and given rabies boosters.

Thankfully the owners had their rabies shots up to date.

In true Maine fashion, the 88-year-old fox attack victim was able to grab and hold onto the fox after he had fallen, and it had bitten him in the face, News Center Maine stated. The man held the fox until someone passing by helped him secure the animal.

A police officer arrived on the scene and shot and killed the fox, the news station said, and the Maine man was treated at a local hospital for rabies exposure and released.

Newscentermaine.com also shared the information that the deceased fox was brought to Health and Environmental Testing Lab and did test positive for rabies. There was a total of 16 positive rabies test results in 2019 and 2020 is getting off to a bad start with this case.

Use caution and notify authorities if you see wildlife acting suspiciously.

Also noted in the report was how tough the Maine residents are.

An 88-year-old man after falling and getting bit by a rabid fox STILL manages to hold on to the fox is a real statement about the toughness of the residents of Maine.  Quick action on this man’s part may surely prevented more attacks.

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