So last night during my evening social media scrolling time (we all have those times), I found something that puzzled me.

Maybe you are like me and find bizarre, no-reason facts to be super interesting. These facts stop you and make you think "huh, I was today-years-old when I learned that." And usually, that information is not that important, but interesting nonetheless.

The below map identifies states that call their driver's license a "driver license," "driver's license," "operator license," "auto-driver license," and so on.

Wait...they're different?!

Were you also today-years-old when you learned this?

Here is the map:

I just say the phrase "driver's license", and don't think anything of it.

But since I am from New Hampshire, I looked at my ID and the official website for New Hampshire's DMV. It turns out it is known as a "driver license" (not with an S).

Don't believe me? Check your ID.


I did not know what to believe, so I did a little digging into the other states. It turns out the map is pretty accurate.

Massachusetts DMV and IDs say "driver's license" (with an S).


So does this mean anything significant?  No, definitely not. But I found it pretty wild that this was not universal across all states. I stopped scrolling when I saw the original map and thought, "Aren't they all called driver's licenses?"

Nope. Not even in my state where I have an

It's pretty crazy this is not a universal rule. I mean, Indiana is just doing its own thing by calling it an operator license. That sounds pretty cool, to be honest.

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