Another Black Friday is upon us and once again, Mark and I are broadcasting live from The Mall at Fox Run in Newington.We set up around 4a.m. for the show to start at 5a.m.  However, the mall actually started their 'Black Friday' on Thursday!  They opened the doors at 8pm Thanksgiving night.  I've done the Black Friday shopping scene once and that's enough.  At least I can say "Yeah, I've done it, but I don't need to do it again."  It amazes me how many shoppers will leave the comfort of a warm bed to get dressed (sometimes just PJ's) and go shopping for hours on end when it's cold and dark out.  Maybe it's because I get up early every morning that when I see a chance to sleep in, I take it!  And, don't even get me started on how nasty some people get when they are in 'Black Friday shopping mode.'  People will cut you (figuratively and probably literally) in the check out lines...they don't hold doors for you, they yell at the employees like it's their fault the store ran out of a certain item....shall I go on?  Anyways.....Happy Holidays! :)