The Bruins know how to party, no doubt about that.

Back in 2011, when the team won the Stanley Cup, they racked up a $156,679 tab at Shrine, the nightclub at Foxwoods. So, when former goaltender Tuukka Rask got married, the boys took no time getting after it in Boston Bruins fashion.

The wedding location: Capri, Italy. A gorgeous location. A perfect place to get married (for those who can afford it).

The attendance: Everyone. There were tons of former and current players there, from Milan Lucic, to Tory Krug, Brad Marchand, and Patrice Bergeron. Even David Krejci made the trip from the Czech Republic.

Check out all the Bruins players in the second picture of Kevin Miller's post.

The Energy: HIGH. The boys were absolutely buzzing. The pictures and videos at the wedding show nothing short of a party.

Below are some of the highlights from this party of a wedding weekend.

Tuukka absolutely set the precedent with that dance with his wife, Jasmina Nikkila. From there, the former and current teammates were celebrating in Rask's honor.

The third and fourth video from the wedding reception are absolutely hilarious. Lucic, Pasta, and Brad Marchy all dancing was awesome. The vibes did not stop, as Charlie McAvoy let out some of his own moves.

The rest of the weekend was just as much of a party. Lucic and Marchy are found flexing their tattoos and three members cliff jump, as seen in Lucic's tweet.

The guys were quick to poke fun at themselves, likely being heavily intoxicated, in the comment sections.

On the NHL Instagram post, Marchy commented, "was I there?" Matt Grzelcyk commented on Kevan Miller's post, "There is no way that shirt was on longer than 30 minutes."

So why the big party? Was it all for Tuukka Rask's wedding? Maybe. That would make the most sense, but there seemed to be a BIG party for a wedding.

Perhaps David Krecji and Patrice Bergeron spilt the news that they are each coming back for one more year. The team made the announcement on August 8, according to this NHL post.

Krejci, who had left the team to play for the Czech Republic for a year, is official signed into an NHL contract with the B's for one year. Captain Patrice Bergeron signed just days before.

Maybe the Boston Bruins are making another playoff run this year. We shall see, and of course, I hope so. It will be good to have this core team for one more year anyway.

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