While not confirmed, all signs point to the team maintaining its roots in Vacationland.

According to multiple sources, The Boston Celtics and Maine Red Claws owner and chairman Bill Ryan Jr. have agreed to terms to purchase their NBA G-League affiliate outright. Celtics Wire reported the move gives Boston full control over decisions being made by their G-League team, which is key for player development towards the NBA.

Does this mean they will stay in Maine? I think so. One, geography. The team has firm roots in Maine's biggest city, which is 1 or 2 roads from the Celtics home court! Two, their words. Celtics team president Rich Gotham (who's attended the Red Claws) said in a press release “Over the years, the G League and the Red Claws have become increasingly important to the Celtics and our player development efforts. We look forward to deepening both our ties with basketball operations and within the community, and further bringing the Celtics experience to fans in Maine.“

See that? Unlike other minor league franchises who move upon ownership purchase, this looks like it'll stay local.

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