If you already bought tickets for April and May games for the Boston Red Sox, no doubt you're disappointed.

A little bit of good news though.  You're not going to be out the money.

The Boston Red Sox announced Wednesday that they are giving refunds or exchanges for cancelled games.

Boston 25 News reports that anyone that bought tickets for games between April 2nd and May 28th are eligible. Sam Kennedy, Red Sox President and Chief Executive Officer, tells Boston 25:

"As we continue to evaluate possibilities for the 2020 season, it’s important that we provide options to our ticket buyers for games scheduled in April and May. We appreciate how patient our fans have been as we worked through the implications of the pandemic on our schedule."

The news channel reports that the Red Sox organization is also taking care of season ticket holders.  They have the option of getting a full credit for games not played due to Coronavirus or getting a credit for future games in the 2020-2021 season.

If you choose the credit, they'll even through in a 10% bonus!


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