Creative Christmas Trees

This season I have seen the most creative Christmas trees.  There is just something about New Englanders and their innovation and imagination that makes this region of the Northeast so great.

I love the tree set up on Main Street in Rochester.  As traditional trees, it’s a beauty, but I have seen trees made of candy, lobster buoys, and now beer kegs.

I think for beer lovers, their favorite must be the kegs.

Check out the Beer Keg Tree

If you head down to Harpoon Brewery in Boston, they have an incredible beer keg tree outside their Brewery according to

The tree is massive!

Made lovingly by the employees of the Harpoon Brewery, it consists of 531 kegs of beer piled into the shape of a Christmas tree and strung with lights, the article states.

Check it out soon

The beer keg tree will be lit up every night until New Year’s Day, according to Mass Brew Bros. The tree topper is the Harpoon Brewing Company logo.  It’s just great creativity and advertising for the Brewery.

Where do you stand on the decoration of Christmas trees?  Do you like traditional or fancy?

My family has a tree with multi-colored lights and filled with handmade ornaments and many ornaments from my kids when they were little.  I have seen many people that have a “fancy” tree in their living room, one decorated with a specific theme like gold bows or red poinsettias and a more family-friendly tree in another room.

I have discovered that people that put up these “fancy” trees in their living rooms usually don’t use the living room except for guests.

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