After what our front-line workers have been through during this pandemic, they deserve a night where they can let loose and have some fun, FREE OF CHARGE! That is exactly what Bowl-O-Rama on Lafayette Rd, in Portsmouth is doing this weekend.

According to Seacoast Online, This Thursday, Friday, and Saturday from 4 to 10 p.m., front line workers are invited and encouraged to head to Bowl-O-Rama for an evening of relaxation, fun, and merriment and the Seacoast family fun center is picking up the tab.

So who is eligible?:

  • Health care staff
  • grocery store employees
  • emergency responders
  • utility company employees
  • public service employees

And get this, their families are invited to take advantage as well! This makes me really happy. I know throughout this pandemic a lot of front-line workers outside of the healthcare profession felt like healthcare workers were getting most of the love. Of course we commend our healthcare workers and are eternally grateful for their sacrifice. However, other front-line workers have put themselves at high risk too and also deserve recognition.

So what does this include? I'm so glad you asked! It's two hours of bowling, shoe rental, a slice of pizza, and a fountain drink. Did I mention it's FREE?! Eligible participants are asked to bring an employee ID, pay stub or proof of employment.

Not a front line worker but still want to join in on the fun?! Well, you are more than welcome! The Family Value Night deal will be available to the general public each day of the event for $13.95 per person.

Call ahead of time to make a reservation (and to ensure you get a lane) at (603) 436-0504!


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