It seems as if Winter has New Hampshire in its sights and then missed.

The unseasonably warm temps have caused the ticks to get a head start on summer, according to The hiking trails are clear of snow, but the danger now seems to be ticks.

The news station states that New Hampshire Fish and Game have been receiving reports of ticks already and it’s only the beginning of March.

So, remember the tips on combating tick season. Get your lint roller handy. It’s a great tool to have after you have been out on the trails or in the woods. Roll that over your clothes and you can easily spot even the tiniest of ticks.

Remember to spray the clothes you wear for outdoors with some type of insect repellents like permethrin, per reporting from and New Hampshire Fish and Game.

Don’t forget to put those tick collars on man's best friend and check your dogs with a fine-tooth comb after any outdoor walks.

Don’t let the fear of ticks keep you indoors. Wear a hat and check your hair after you check your dog.

Be prepared and enjoy this beautiful state we live in to the fullest.


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