(Concord, NH) - New Hampshire officials say they believe that former Manchester resident Robert "Bob" Evans was responsible for the deaths of a woman and three children found dead in Allenstown, and that Evans was responsible for the disappearance of Denise Beaudin from Manchester in 1981.


Officials say they have not identified the four victims from Allenstown that were found in barrels in 1985 and 2000, but DNA testing shows he was the father of 1 of the children. They also say that they believe Denise Beaudin was killed by Evans, but have not found any trace of her.

Police say Evans used many alias's, and they still do not know his true identity. He died in a California prison in 2010 while serving a sentence for the murder of a California woman.

Officials say their work now is to identify the victims known to be tied to Evans, and to determine if there are more victims.

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